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Version 2.340 (12/01/2021)

System of Record

  • Added the ability to delete an SOR application and all the users within if the users are not assigned to any applications or campaigns


  • Added the ability to delegate a campaign from a user marked as terminated


  • Added a new Out of the Box GFX connector
  • Updated the Okta connector to bring in Last Login date if needed
  • Made process improvements to the GitHub connector
  • Made process improvements to the Gsuite (Google Workspace) connector
  • Made process improvements to the Confluence connector
  • Made process improvements to the Salesforce connector

Access Request

  • Added in an Approval Hierarchy to add in more customization in the Approval process for an application. Admins can now define multiple levels and the number of approvers needed at each level before a request can move to fulfillment.
  • Added in the ability to setup an application that does not require approval or actions to automatically move the request to fulfillment
  • Added in the ability to send a message to an Application Owner when a user is requesting removal of access
  • Added in a new Access Requests view under the Audit tab that displays the audit history of all requests
  • Added in a scroll bar to the Access Request Screen when multiple applications are added
  • Added in a new red symbol to denote applications that are non-selectable

Campaign Reviews

  • Added in a “Last Login Date” column to display during a review

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