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Version 2.355 (10/03/2022)


  • Added Campaign Audit Trail

For each action on a campaign, the user that performed the action, date/timestamp and description of the action are logged.  The actions logged are Create, Launch, Close, Approved and Revoked Elections, User Terminated, Termination Date Deleted, Update Reviewer, Campaign Delegated, Reminder Notifications, Campaign Name or Start or End Date Updated

  • Added the ability to Enable or Disable Campaign Templates

Initially, all campaign templates are enabled.  Campaign templates that are enabled may be disabled.  Campaign templates that are disabled may be enabled.  A filter was added to the UI to show only Enabled or Disabled templates.  Disabled templates will not be available for selection when creating a campaign.  Campaigns may be copied with a disabled template.

  • Added the ability to Export a Review List

When configuration Export_Review_List is set to true, reviewers are able to export their list of users to be reviewed.  The export is available for all campaign types—direct manager reviews, application custodian reviews and entitlement custodian reviews.

  • Added role descriptions to Entitlement Custodian Reviews

Application, Entitlement and Description were added to the top of each Entitlement Custodian Review page.

  • Changed the “Entitlement Custodian, Manager” campaign type to “Entitlement Custodian, Application Custodian, Manager”

For this campaign type, if an entitlement custodian is not assigned, then the application manager will perform the review.  The title was updated to make this more clear.

Service Accounts

  • Added the ability to add the reviewer when the Service Account button is selected.


  • Added the ability to consolidate emails across campaigns. 

Instead of sending individual emails to each reviewer for each of their campaigns, they will receive one email listing their reviews for all campaigns.  Also, instead of sending separate escalation emails to managers for each of their reviewers’ campaigns, they will receive one email listing all of their direct report reviews across campaigns.

  • Added the ability to add variable fields in the Email subject. 

Any variables in the body of the email template may be copied to the Subject Line.

  • Added the option for Campaign Owners to receive admin level campaign emails.

When creating a campaign, there is an option to send the following emails to the Campaign Owner:

Notify Update Manager

Notify Termination Date

Campaign Close

Campaign at 100% Complete


  • Maintain sort order when return to previous page.


  • Custom field mapping for People import

When importing people via a file, allow mapping to custom fields.

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