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SecurEnds Integration with Azure

SecurEnds Integration with Azure Active Directory

Azure AD is a highly-available and highly-scalable identity management service for small and large organizations. It enables organizations to use their corporate credentials to authenticate to new or existing applications, factoring out the authentication process and eliminating the need for many different identities. Organizations that already use Azure AD can synchronize their identities with SecurEnds to provide seamless integration between on-premises and cloud resources.

Application developers can integrate their applications with SecurEnds to provide single sign-on functionality for their users. This enables enterprise applications to be hosted in the cloud and to easily authenticate users with corporate credentials. It also enables SaaS providers to provide easier authentication for users in Azure AD organizations when authenticating to their services.

When it comes to identity and access, most organizations that are considering using the public cloud are concerned about two things:

1. Ensuring that when people leave the organization, they lose access to resources in the cloud.
2. Striking the right balance between autonomy and central governance.

SecurEnds and Azure AD work together to make it simple to carry out these goals. SecurEnds IGA integrates with Azure to create best of breed onboarding and compliance solution:

1. Create an identity repository that acts as a single source of truth for all employees.
2. Provision employees in downstream systems such as Active Directory, AWS, custom applications
3. Deprovision users in different systems upon role change, access review and departure.

Benefits Of SecurEnds-Azure AD Integration

Enable single sign-on to simplify user access.
Self-Request Access for Applications.
Multi-factor Authentication to protect sensitive data and Applications.
Automate Lifecycle Management
Access reviews on Azure AD and other applications.

Another value that SecurEnds brings to the Azure environment is its ability to orchestrate Access Certifications and periodic User Access Reviews for SOX, FISMA, HIPAA compliance. These controls ensure integrity of data and associated access operations. Access Controls are necessary to ensure only authorized users can obtain access to an organization’s information and systems. Access Certification seeks to confirm that an organization has adequate controls to restrict access to systems and data at a more detailed level. In only 30 minutes we can demo why our SAAS is now a leading choice for identity governance.