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What is the Audit tab?
  • The audit tab is the home for external auditors to log into SecurEnds and view proof of review completion.
  • This view can be toggled to display limited or complete access to external auditors.
  • SecurEnds access, when given to auditors, will only allow viewing of audit tabs and the information your organization allows visible within the tab.
    • Auditors cannot view or make edits of previous / ongoing campaigns
  • Audit tab contains two sub tabs: Audit Access & Historic Campaign
    • Within SecurEnds, please navigate to Audit
Audit Access
  • Within Audit Access if you search for users, it will display all campaign reviews for with that user
Historic Campaign
  • Displayed in this tab is a view to sort through all past campaigns. It will look like this:
  • Year
    • Indicate from which year you wish to view reports
    • If single year is selected, all campaigns from time frame will be shown.
View of all campaigns from 2020
  • Campaigns
    • Ability to select a specific campaign to view
    • Example: Only view Q1 SOX Review
  • Application
    • Ability to view access review status of an entire application in the selected time frame
  • Chart Type
    • Display information visually in either a Pie Chart or Bar Graph
  • Annual Totals
    • Ability to sort view of past campaigns by year

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