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What is the Audit tab?
  • The audit tab is the home for external auditors to log into SecurEnds and view proof of review completion.
  • SecurEnds access, when given to auditors, will only allow viewing of audit tabs
    • Auditors cannot view or make edits of previous / ongoing campaigns
  • Audit tab contains a link to: Historic Campaign
Historic Campaign
  • Displayed in this tab is a view to sort through all past campaigns.
  • There are multiple options to choose from to sort and view the past campaigns such as quarterly, then specific applications or specific campaigns. You can also view annual trends across all campaigns.

Quarterly – this view will show you the campaigns performed within the selected quarter

Quarterly & Specific Application – this view will show the campaigns performed within the selected quarter that are associated with a specific application

Annual Totals – this view will show the total elections based on the year selected

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