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There are two types of delegations that can be made: People Delegation and Credential Delegation.  The Credential Delegation need to be in place before you create a campaign where as the People Delegation needs to be in place before you launch a campaign.

People Delegation:

When it is known that the original reviewer will not be available for a User Access Review, the SecurEnds Admin can delegate the reviews to another individual. This will not remove the original reviewer from the User Access Review or receiving campaign emails, delegation will simply allow another user to view and perform the User Access Reviews on behalf of the original reviewer. If enabled, both parties will receive an email that there has been a delegation for an upcoming review.

  • To assign a new delegation, click on Add a new window will pop up on the right hand side. Type the previous reviewer’s email address under Reviewer Email and the new delegate’s email address that is present in the Source of Record (SOR) in the Delegate Email. Click Save.
  • Once added, the new delegate will receive a delegate email notification with the previous reviewer cc’d on it.
  • You can use the Delete action to remove the delegate at any time.

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