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Version 2.349 (05/01/2022)


  • Campaign Templates now include Advanced Identity Filter capability for an Administrator to define the Campaign’s scope. The Administrator can use both standard and custom identity attributes (such as Department, Employee Type, Location/Region etc.) as criteria to filter the identities and perform user access reviews.  The Campaign Template Details page is also updated to display identity filter criteria specified in the template.
  • Campaigns now include a ‘Copy’ action, allowing the user to copy the existing campaign’s attributes and run it for a subsequent cycle.  This will avoid manual overhead of creating a campaign from scratch. Administrators must specify a unique name and campaign timelines.  The other attributes are the same as the parent campaign.
  • A Campaign can be created to review only credentials for one or more applications. When include entitlements is set to No for an application in the campaign template, only credentials are pulled for access reviews.
  • When a campaign review is 100% complete, then an email notification is sent to the Administrator, and it can be closed. This email is also stored and can be accessed from the Email Audit page for future reference.


  • Each connector now has Daily, Weekly and Monthly data import schedule options. 
  • Salesforce connector now includes an option to pre-fix the entitlement type to the entitlement name and display like “Profile: Channel Sales Team”. When this option is selected, entitlements from Salesforce are displayed in this manner on user access review pages, campaign reports etc.


  • The System of Record page now displays all SORs by default.   The SORs may be filtered by SOR type. 
  • Administrator can now control People page access to non-administrative users via a system configuration.

Security Enhancements

  • Security improvements in GA communications.

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