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Adding a New Campaign #
  • Navigate to Campaigns in the left-hand menu and select the Add button.
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After selecting Add, the below screen will populate with your templates. Select the desired template to begin.

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Customizing Your Campaign #
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  • Campaign Name
    • This is the unique name to identify the campaign.
  • Start Date
    • This will be the target date to begin the campaign.
      • NOTE: Campaigns are not automatically kicked off on the start date. An Admin will need to enter the system and manually launch the campaign.
  • End Date
    • This is the target end date for the campaign.
      • NOTE: The campaign does not close on this date. It will not close until an Admin enters the system and closes the campaign.
  • Delta Campaign
    • Yes – Created campaign is based on changes since the previous campaign.
      • NOTE: Cannot do delta campaign as a first campaign
    • No – Will run a full-scope campaign (scope is defined in template section).
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Note: After selecting a template, a warning message may appear. For testing purposes this does not hinder moving forward, but if this message is encountered while creating a Production campaign, the cause of the warning will need to be investigated.

Campaign Reviewer #
  • This section provides a combination of individuals that can be selected to perform the review of the campaign. A description for each role can be found below:
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  • Select who want to perform Access Review from the Campaign Reviewer options.
    • Manager is the person’s direct manager assigned in system of record. 
    • Application custodian is the person who reviews all users of an application. This person can be assigned by clicking the gear (actions button next to application) and selecting application custodian. 
    • Entitlement custodian is the person who reviews all users associated to the entitlement. This person can be set up by clicking application action gear. Selecting entitlement and then clicking subsequent action gear. 
    • Alternate Reviewer can be any other user whom you want to perform Access Reviews. Must be assigned within “Delegation” tab.
  • Select Manager if you want Access Reviews performed by the person’s direct manager. 
  • Select Manager & Application Custodian if you want both Manager and Application custodian to perform Access Reviews.
  • Select Manager & Application Custodian & Entitlement Custodian if you want  Access Reviews to be performed by Manager, Application custodian, and entitlement custodian.
  • Select Entitlement Custodian, Application Custodian if you want both Entitlement Custodian and Application custodians the ability to perform Access Reviews.
  • Select Alternate Reviewer if you want some other user to perform Access Reviews.
    • Enter email of the person in prompted text box.
  • Select Entitlement Owner, Manager to first assign reviews to entitlement owner then to default assigned reviews to manager if no entitlement owner is assigned.

Campaign Reminders #
  • Emails can be sent to remind users, reviewers, and reviewer’s managers that there are open campaigns they need to take action upon.
  • Below are the options for email reminders that can be sent:
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  • Send reminder email to user
    • This will send an email to any user that is a part of a campaign and their reviewer has not approved/revoked their access in the campaign.
    • Send reminder email to reviewer
      • This will send an email to all reviewers that have an open campaign that they have not 100% completed.
        • NOTE: When a reviewer has completed 100% of their campaign, they will not receive the reminder emails.
    • Send reminder email to reviewer’s manager
      • This will notify the manager of any reviewer that has not completed their portion of a campaign they are involved in.
    • NOTE:
      • “Select number of days” refers to the number of days leading up to the end date of the campaign.
      • “Every Consecutive Day” when checked, will send a reminder email every day leading up to the end of the campaign (assuming the selected party has not completed their task).
      • Consider the following example:
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  • With an end date of 12/11/2020, a campaign reviewer with an open campaign and users still to review, will receive a reminder email on 12/9/2020 and every day until 12/11/202 or they complete the review.
Campaign Instructions #
  • These instructions are displayed to the reviewers at the top of the campaign.
  • Select from the drop down to use either the “Default” instructions, or “Custom” created instructions.
    • Default
      • When a reviewer accesses an open campaign, they will be displayed the instruction in a green box at the top of the page.
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  • Custom
    • These instructions can be edited to include any steps desired
    • To edit the instructions, navigate within SecurEnds to: Configuration > Reviewer Notes > Set Up
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This will pop out a window to edit and save instructions.
Launch Campaign #
  • Click on Launch option beside the campaign name, A pop up appears stating Are you sure you wish to launch this campaign.
  • Check the check box if you want to send email notification to all reviewers that are part of the campaign 
    • Click on Yes  to continue  
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  • On successful launch of campaign, The status of the campaign now changes to Open.
  • Once the campaign status changes to Open we can perform User Access Reviews.

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