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Version 2.338 (11/01/2021)

Active Directory Connector

  • Added in the ability to filter Active Directory data on Organizational Units (OUs)

Workday Connector

  • Added in the ability to bring in additional columns as additional data points for an SOR

System of Record

  • Added in the actions to Bulk Exclude, Bulk Restore, and Export Skipped Records for SOR Connectors

Campaign Details

  • Added in Closed Date, Launch Email, and Email Template data points to the details of a Campaign

Campaign Launch

  • Added in a requirement to select an Email Template if Launch Campaign email Notifications is set to “Yes”

PDF Report

  • Updated date formats to match throughout the report

Email Template – Manager Reassignment Email

  • Added a new Manager/Reviewer reassignment email template that is triggered when a reassignment is made during a campaign

UI Updated

  • Removed the green “Refresh Successful” banner when saving a campaign election
  • Adjusted the redirect page once a campaign is created to be the URL
  • Added a new Campaign Template column to the Campaign list table
  • Added a new Campaign Completion Pop Up Screen and redirect when a user completes a review
  • Added in SOR details for Application and Entitlement Custodian reviews
  • Added in directional filter arrows to columns

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