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Set up SalesForce

App Creation in SecurEnds Tool
  • In the Admin Console, go to Applications.
  • Click the Add button next to it to begin configuration.
Setup Application
  • Select Data Ingestion method as Connector.
  • Enter application Name.
  • Enter the Application Owner email information.
  • Search Connector in Featured Integrations and select Salesforce.
  • Agent is software that needs to be installed on your on premise environment to pull data from applications such as Active Directory, Databases and Custom Applications which are not cloud based.
    • Select remote if you already have the Agent Software installed.
      • The server where the agent is currently installed needs to have connectivity to the on-premises application or database.
      • If a new agent is required, contact your implementation consultant or submit a ticket via the SecurEnds Help Desk using the Report Issue link in the upper right corner of the SecurEnds application.  SecurEnds will need to provide files and instructions.
    • Select local if the application is cloud based. No agent install is required.
      • You will need to whitelist the SecurEnds IP’s.  Your Implementation Consultant can provide these.
  • Select Match By logic as Default(Email or FirstName and LastName) or Employee Id
    • If your System of Record (SOR) or HR system does not have employee ID’s with the data, select the Default(Email or FirstName and LastName) option. The SecurEnds application will match the Salesforce accounts using the Email or First Name/Last Name while syncing.
    • If both your SOR and Salesforce utilize employee ID’s as a unique identifier, you will want to select Employee Id option. The SecurEnds application will match the Salesforce accounts using the Employee ID while syncing.
  • Select Include Inactive Users to fetch all users while sync
    • If we select Yes all the Active status users along with Disabled status users will be added in the Matched users for ServiceNow.
    • If we select No then only Active user will be added to the Matched users for ServiceNow.
  • Select the Entitlements you would like the connector to bring in.
    • You can select to bring in just the Salesforce Roles OR Roles and Profiles OR Roles, Profiles and Permission Sets.
  • Include Entitlements Enabled as Yes to load the entitlements on application while syncing. Select No if you would just like the accounts only.
Configure Application
  1. Provide the Salesforce Username and Salesforce Password
  2. Provide the Salesforce Client Id generated from Configuration Details in Step 2
  3. Provide the Salesforce Client Secret acquired from Configuration Details in Step 2
  4. Provide the Salesforce Security Token acquired from Configuration Details in Step 3
  5. Provide the Salesforce Login Url acquired from Configuration Details in Step 4
Ticketing System Configuration

For more information on Ticketing System Configuration, Click here.

Click Save once finished to add the connector.

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