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Version 2.347 (04/01/2022)


  • When a campaign includes disabled applications, a warning message was added to alert the Administrator.  This provides visibility into the campaign scope, but the system does not restrict campaign creation.
  • Campaign Report PDF now includes a pie chart which displays percent approved and percent revoked for closed campaigns.


  • Made the sync status failure error messages easier to understand for AWS and OKTA connectors. This will enable users to identify the issues and take corrective actions.
  • Added Concur connector which will bring users and their roles from a Concur report.
  • Updated the Salesforce connector by making usability improvements for filtering of Roles, Profiles and Permission Sets.


  • Added Users Report which lists all users in the System of Record and the list of applications each user has access to. This provides a consolidated view of user access for applications within an organization. The report can be run on demand or scheduled Daily or Weekly and stored at SFTP location.

SOR Import

  • Improved the SOR import process which allows the user to map the column headers of the source file with the required SOR fields. This removes the requirement for column name to be the same as the field name in SecurEnds.

Technical Enhancements

  • Added a new utility that automatically installs or upgrades customer GAs.
  • Added the ability to configure the “Technical Support” widget on or off.

Ticketing System

  • Added the ability to specify default ticketing system for UI display.
  • Added support for Ivanti ticketing system.

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