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Pre Implementation Phase

What should you know before undergoing an implementation? 


Coming into implementation it is expected that the SOW will be defined, signed off, and delivered to our implementation team prior to kick-off call. We also ask everyone be familiar with our questionnaire.

Know who’s important 

To ensure automation of your access review process as fast as possible, do some digging internally. Find out who is needed to facilitate connection to your applications. This could be application owners, super admins, senior analysts who run the review process, or your trusted project managers that can run a tight ship. Having all the key players present will reduce repeat questions and the number of meetings required.

Clearly defining who is needed for what part of the review and technical implementation process (ex. SSO admin needed for SSO configuration) will significantly increase time to value.

Prepare you data 

If you know certain applications will be set up with a file upload, pull that data ahead of time and have it cleaned to match SecurEnds’ ingestion formatting. Having clean data available will ensure our team can set up file upload systems of record and applications for you, on a single call.

Please reference File Upload for general formatting best practices.

Please reference Set up SOR  on how to establish a file based System of Record

Please reference Set Up Application on how to properly establish a file based applications

Whitelist SecurEnds Domain 

We ask all our clients to have their email administrators whitelist the domain. This will ensure proper functionality of SecurEnds’s features and reduce communication mishaps during implementations. We also encourage everyone apart of the implementation to raise questions, so everyone’s understanding goes up. Ask, learn, own the tool, and save time doing access reviews.

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