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The System of Record (SOR) is a key piece of the SecurEnds product and serves as the source of truth when comparing and matching identities across applications. Typically, the SOR is an HRIS system or whatever is the most complete list of active users within your organization.

Within SecurEnds, SORs are set up separately from applications, as they are compared against each other.

Admins are able to add System of Records which pulls Identity Access Manager (IAM) User accounts and Entitlements for Access Reviews. You can connect your SOR/HRIS Application to SecurEnds via a CSV file, Flex Connector, or Pre-built Connector. Even though the SOR and applications are separated within the instance, the SOR can still be treated as an application and should follow the same guidelines as what can be found under Application Basics.

For Adding System of Record via CSV file, Click here.

For Adding System Of Record via Connector, Click here.

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