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Version 2.364 (4/10/2023)


  • Upgraded the campaign identity filter to support the OR operator. 

When filtering the campaign by SOR attributes, conditions can be created using AND and OR operators.

  • Added application last login date on Campaign Export
  • Added “Save and Next” button to the top of the Review All page in addition to the button at the bottom of the page
  • Added the ability to search campaigns by “Created By”
  • Added the ability to rename “SOR Status” column header on the Review All page

Select SOR_STATUS_LABEL in ConfigurationàDefault UI Configuration

Update the label to the desired value.

New label will be reflected on the Review All page.

  • Campaign filter label was changed from enabled/disabled to active/archived


  • Added a Campaign Audit Report for closed campaigns. 

Report includes:

Campaign Details

Campaign Report Metrics Pie Chart

Campaign Template Details

Application Configuration Details

Application Ticketing System Details

Application Matched, Unmatched, Service Account, Excluded, Deleted, Purged, Skipped Counts

Application Last Sync Date

Securends version number and deployment date

Select Export Audit Report on action gear.

Audit Report

  • Added Campaign Template Audit Trail

Select View Audit Trail in action gear on Campaign Template page

Campaign Template Audit Trail


  • Added status field to People Details page for Manager and Direct Reports
  • Added “User Campaigns” action to People gear to show campaigns in which the user was reviewed
  •  Included Closed campaigns in Assign Campaign action on People gear

General Improvements

  • Display complete campaign names on Home page when columns are expanded
  • Display access status when exporting User Roles

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