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Version 2.300 (03/29/2021)

Enhanced Audit Reporting

Campaign reports now have option to export as .PDF

Exported PDF, contains additional summary information for each campaign, expanding on the information contained within the .CSV Audit Report File

Note: PDF reports only generated for campaigns with “Closed” status

  • PDF report includes the following updates:
    • Campaign Report Summary
      • Displays report breakdown by application
    • Campaign Report Data
      • Displays total elections made in the campaign, broken down into: Approved, Revoked, Pending. Also shows campaign completion percent
      • Overall layout is similar to existing report
ServiceNow Request ID Creation for Tickets
  • To further enhance our ServiceNow integration we have added the ability to choose Incident or Request for type of tickets generated
  • All ServiceNow integrations currently on default (Incident), to change to Request:
    • Within Configuration Settings -> Ticketing System for Access Reviews -> Set Up select ServiceNow and fill configuration details for “Request Creation”
    • Within each Application select “ServiceNow – Request” option from dropdown and be sure to check Global Configuration (mandatory action).

Note: Feature works for existing and new applications

  • With these changes in place, once a campaign in “Closed”, a ServiceNow Request ID will be created within ServiceNow along with .csv attachment of associated Campaign Report.
Campaign Details Pop-up Changes
  • Improved information display when clicking “Action” -> “Details” on a campaign
    • Details tab now displays the following additional information:
      • Campaign Review Type (ex. Manager & Application Custodian)
      • Reminder Email to Reviewer (Yes/No)
      • Reminder Days (Number of days)
      • Consecutive Days (True/False)
      • Reminder Email to Reviewer’s Manager (Yes/No)
      • Reminder Days (Number of Days)
      • Consecutive Days (True/False)
Added Validation to Email Template Dynamic Variables
  • Added feature displays restriction/validation messages when adding new email templates or when adding new dynamic variables to existing templates.
    • Change located in Email Templates under Access Review side tab
Azure Active Directory Connector Enhancement
  • Feature works for both existing and new Azure AD Connectors
  • When selecting Action Gear Icon on an Azure AD application, toggle “Include Inactive Users” filter Yes/No to filter inactive credentials
    • Inactive users will be moved to Purged status after sync

Note: Must sync application after toggle to view results

Added Error Handling when Deleting Applications or Templates with Associated Campaigns
  • Applications:
    • When deleting an application, a confirmation pop-up will display
    • Selecting Yes will delete the application if there is no associated campaign
    • If there are any campaigns/templates associated with the selected application, a message will display the list of associated campaigns
  • Templates:
    • When deleting a template, a confirmation pop-up will display
    • Selecting Yes will delete the template if there are no associated campaigns
    • If there are campaigns created off the template in question, a message will display list of associated campaigns
Added Entitlement Status Column in Application Export
  • Under Action Icon for an Application exists an export option
  • Downloaded export file will now contain new column: Entitlement Status
    • Column represents:
      • N – Normal (Active)
      • P – Purged (Inactive)
Added Bulk Exclude (unassign users) Feature + Application Management Functionality
  • This feature works for both Applications and Systems of Record
  • Under Action Icon for Application/SOR exists “Bulk Exclude” option
  • Pop-up window will appear with a file ingestion area and Type with three options:
Application Name.csv* Download.csv* Download.csv* Download
  • These options can be toggled with the radio button to download a list of users from the selected application in accordance with selected Type
  • To Bulk Exclude users you wish to Unmatch:
    • Review List and remove IAM User emails for users which need to be unmatched
    • Save file and reupload it within the Bulk Exclude window file ingestion area
    • Review results in Application/SOR landing page as desired users will be moved to “UnMatched”
Consolidated and Improved Escalation Email Configuration Screen on Application Set Up
  • Feature includes changes for existing campaigns and new campaign creation
  • Existing Campaign (Campaigns with “Open” status)
    • Click Action Gear Icon on an “Open” campaign and select Reminder
    • Pop-up appears with checkable box “Copy Reviewer’s Manager?”
    • Selecting box triggers escalation email to designated Review’s Manager
    • Note: Not selecting the box will send reminder emails to all direct reports with pending reviews
  • Creating a New Campaign
    • Consolidated UI when setting up escalation parameters during campaign creation

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