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User Access Reviews For Credit Unions

Proudly Serving Federally Insured & State Charter Credit Unions

SecurEnds is serving a growing number of credit unions and community banks by allowing them to stay secure and compliant with Credit Union Administration (NCAU) Guidelines and Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC)

Our User Access Review & Identity Lifecycle Management solutions can be rapidly deployed on-premise or cloud and come with industry leading flex-connectors for seamless integration with typical credit union applications and service management softwares.

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    Why Do I Need It?

    Your Credit Union most likely uses a manual process to conduct access reviews. Any remediation (eg deprovision access for terminated employee) is probably done after the fact and manually. This leaves you vulnerable to audit findings and cyber attacks.

    What Are The Benefits?

    Our User Access Review software takes out the complexity and helps enforce IT controls and compliance mandates.


    Why SecurEnds?

    Our lightweight, highly configurable and industry first flex-connector product can be easily deployed on your on-prem or cloud in a matter of few hours. Our product an easily bolt on to your existing single -sign-on solution to make a comprehensive end to end identity management solutions

    SecurEnds offers smaller community banks and credit unions the same identity governance programs used by big banks without needing a team of implementation consultants and long implementation cycles.

    Salient Features:
    • Create single source of truth by connecting to HR systems such as ADP etc
    • Automate user access reviews across connected and disconnected applications
    • Set up attribute based, one time or periodic, multi approval level access review campaigns.
    • Integrate with service management systems (Trackit, ServiceNow, Jira) to orchestrate deprovisioning workflow.
    • Generate proof of compliance reports for audit trails.
    • Ease to drill down identity mind maps for manager to see “who has access to what resource”

    Our Solution Allows End To End Identity Management

    Category SecurEnds Homegrown
    Data Collection Connect with enterprise, custom and cloud applications using flex-connectors or csv file upload Manual data extraction and aggregation of identities
    Entitlement Discovery AI enabled discovery of “who has access to what” using identity mind map Non existent
    Access Request Workflow Automated workflows to manage access requests, approval and fulfillment across enterprise systems Non existent
    Reminder Notification Intelligent email reminders with automated to reviewers, managers and end -users In person or spreadsheet based reminders
    Access Certification Intuitive interface that consolidates roles, permissions and credentials across applications one-time or periodically or based on attributes Manual review of spreadsheets or confirmation emails
    Segregation Of Duty (SOD) Proactively create rules that prevent entitlements or roles from being granted to the same person Non existent
    Proof Of Compliance Audit Reports Out of box audit friendly compliance reports Spreadsheet based
    Service Management Integration Out of the box integrations with service management systems (Jira, ServiceNow) Non integrated workflow