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Version 2.345 (03/01/2022)


  • Delegate Campaign functionality was added for all campaign types. This allows an administrator, campaign owner and manager to delegate the campaign to another user while the campaign is in “Open” status. A campaign can be delegated to 3 users using the “Delegate Campaign” button on the User Access Reviews Campaign page. The “Campaign Delegation” button is available by default to administrators and campaign owner.  For managers, it’s controlled by a configuration. The system restricts managers from delegating a campaign that was delegated to them by another user.
  • Added campaign creation date and actual closed date on Campaign Details page.


  • Made improvements to Email Templates section to display templates in alphabetical order. Also removed unused email templates.
  • Added delegation expiration date in the delegation email.


  • Usability improvements to credential delegation which removes the need to select the application(s) when another credential delegation to be added.


  • Made the sync status failure error messages easier to understand for AD, Azure AD, Gitlab, Github and Google Drive connectors.
  • Added the ability to include groups and applications for OKTA connector.
  • Made process improvements to Azure AD connector.
  • Made process improvements to Workday connector.

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