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Version 2.333 (08/31/2021)

Updated Error Messages and Success Messages

  • Error and Success messages were updated for consistency

Bulk Entitlement Description Update

  • Allows Admins to bulk update the entitlement descriptions for an application

Generic Agent Current Status

  • When a Generic Agent Jar is used by an application, a Generic Agent status button will be displayed on the Home page, which routes to a status page when clicked.  If the Generic Agent Jar is not used by an application, the Generic Agent status button will not be displayed.

Campaign Reviews:  Add Application Manager Review

  • Application Manager Review functionality was added to be able to define different managers to review different applications that are not Entitlement Owners or Managers from the SOR. 

Campaign Reviews:  Update the Review All screen

  • Updated entitlement and credential display on Review All screen for better understanding.  It now displays similar to Individual Reviews.

Zendesk Connector Upgrade

  • The Zendesk connector will now pull groups and roles.

Salesforce Connector – Profile Exclusion Filtering

  • Salesforce Connector was updated to offer profile, group and role exclusion

Pentest Vulnerabilities

  • Pentest Vulnerabilities were resolved

Bug Fixes

  • Bugs were resolved

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