Eliminate Cross Application SOD violations

Eliminate Cross Application SoD violations

Critical applications with complex birthright entitlement present SoD risks that can lead to compliance and audit findings .

How do you maintain SoD policies?
How do you detect SoD policy violations?
What controls are in place?
Have you attempted cross-application SoD?
Meet your compliance needs with SecurEnds SoD Module

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    Configurable SoD Query

    Easy to write and configure rules sets that can be customized to specific business processes and application

    Cross- Application SoD

    Using a System Of Record and integrated connectors for applications, conduct cross-application SoD checks

    Continuous Compliance

    Safeguard enterprise data and ensure compliance by Incorporating risk based, SoD checks in User Access Reviews

    Segregation of Duties In SecurEnds IGA

    Whether it’s an internal or external audit, SecurEnds IGA software allows administrators to generate reports to provide specific information about Segregation of Duties within the company.

    Set Up SoD Query.
    Using natural language, administrators can set up SoD query. Here’s a configuration set up for Oracle ERP. In this particular case SoD violation between Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable is being checked.

    Set Up SOD Query.

    User Access Review:
    Once administrator has created the SoD, a review of the said policy violations is undertaken. Default roles in enterprise applications present inherent risks because the “birthright” role configurations are not well-designed to prevent segregation of duty violations. Here’s a sample view of how user access reviews for SoD will look like.


    SoD Report:
    SecurEnds produces call to action SoD scorecard. The scorecard provides the “big-picture” on “big-data” view for system admins and application owners for remediation planning. This report will list users who are known to be in violation but have documented exceptions, and it provides important evidence for you to give to your auditor. The final step is to create corrective actions to remediate the SoD violations.

    SOD Report


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