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Set Up BOX

App Creation in SecurEnds Tool
  • In the Admin Console, go to Applications.
  • Click the Add button next to it to begin configuration.
Setup Application
  • Select Data Ingestion method as Connector.
  • Enter application Name.
  • Enter the Application Owner email information.
  • Search Connector in Featured Integrations and select BOX.
  • Select Local for your Agent. Agent is software that is installed on your on-premise environment to pull data from applications such as Active Directory, Database and Custom Applications that are not cloud based.
    • Select Local if the application is cloud based. No agent install is required.
      • You will need to whitelist the SecurEnds IP’s. Your Implementation Consultant can provide these.
    • Select Remote if you installed Agent on-premise.
      • The server where the agent is installed must have connectivity to the on-premises application or database.
      • If a new agent is required, contact your implementation consultant or submit a ticket via the SecurEnds Help Desk using the Report Issue link in the upper right corner of the SecurEnds application. SecurEnds will need to provide files and instructions.
  • Select Match By logic as Default(Email or FirstName and LastName) or Employee Id
    • If we select Default(Email or FirstName and LastName) the system will match the user with Email OR First Name and Last Name while syncing
    • If we select Employee Id the system will only match the Employee ID while syncing
  • Select Include Inactive Users to fetch all users
    • Selecting Yes will include all the Active and Disabled status users to be added in the Matched users for BOX.
    • Selecting No will only pull Active users to be added to the Matched users for BOX.
  • Include Entitlements Enabled as Yes to load the entitlements on application while syncing.
Configure Application #
  • Provide the following configuration values acquired from Configuration Details
    • Box ClientID
    • Box ClientSecret
    • Box PublicKeyID
    • Box PrivateKey
    • Box PassPhrase
    • Box EnterpriseID
Ticketing System Configuration #

For more information on Ticketing System Configuration, Click here.

Click Save once finished to add the connector.

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