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Table of Contents
SOR Setup for a CSV File #
  • Navigate to System of Record on the left navigation pane. 
  • Select Add.
  • Select the Data Ingestion as File Upload and provide an Application Name.
    • Please note that once the application has been created, the name cannot be modified or duplicated within other applications.
  • Select Save.
  • Begin importing your file by selecting Import while hovering over the actions box next to the name of the application.
  • Click on the sample .csv to download the file with appropriate column headers.
  • Additional columns that can be added after the last column within the sample CSV:
    • Employee Title
    • Department
    • Location
    • Org Unit
    • Employee_Type
    • Employee_ID
    • Count
    • Terminated Date
  • You can also add other custom columns after the last column within the sample CSV if there is a need to include additional data other than the above.
  • Review the sample .csv file provided and once you have confirmed your file meets the sample standards (exact headers) either drop or upload your file in the designated area.
  • Map the column headers from the CSV file to the SecurEnds properties.
  • Review the validation criteria to confirm that the file passed all requirements.
    • Total Records shows the total count of records in the uploaded file.
    • File Validations can be seen with Status and Comments.
    • For any Fails, please revisit your file to make corrections before uploading the file again.
  • Select Import.
  • Upon selecting Import you should receive a Success screen.
  • Please review the record counts.
  • If any records were skipped, then you can click the number shown, it will download a .csv file.
  • The exportable .csv file will show which records were skipped and why.
  • Fix any issues with skipped records, updated the records and re-upload the file in provided format.

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