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These instructions are for setting up a .csv based application. For setting up applications utilizing a connector or flex connector set up, please reference Connectors tab on left hand side.

  • Navigate to Applications on the left navigation panel.
  • Select Add
  1. Select the Data Ingestion as File Upload and provide the following Setup Information
  2. Enter the Name of the Application
  3. Select Match By logic as Default(Email or FirstName and LastName) or Employee ID
    • If selecting Default(Email or FirstName and LastName), SecurEnds will match users from the application with the provided Email to the System of Record. If the email does not make a match, then SecurEnds can make recommendations via Fuzzy Logic
    • If selecting Employee ID, SecurEnds will match users from the application with the provided Employee ID to the System of Record
  4. Select Yes or No for Include Inactive Users
    • If selecting Yes, all the Active status users along with Disabled status users will be added in the Matched users
    • If selecting No, then only Active user will be added to the Matched users
  5. Select Yes or No for Include Entitlements
    • Select Yes to load the entitlements on application while syncing
    • Select No not to load the entitlements on application while syncing
  1. Select Yes or No for Create Ticket
    • If you do want a ticket generated select Yes
    • If you do not want a ticket generated select No
  2. If Yes is selected for ticket generation then include the following information:
    • If you would like to default to the Global Configuration of ticket setup then check the box next to Global Configuration
    • Select the Action as Jira, ServiceNow, TrackIT, Zendesk, Ivanti, or Email
    • Enter information on the user that should be assigned the ticket when generated
    • If you would like to exclude approved actions from the ticket, then check the “Do not display approved elections within generated Ticket/Email”
  3. Select Save
  • Begin importing your file by selecting Import while hovering over the actions box next to the name of the application
  • Drop or upload your file within the window
  • Confirm the file was successfully imported
  • Select Next
  • Under Matching Identifier select the unique identifier you are utilizing to match with the System of Record
  • Next, review the column headers under the SecurEnds Properties and begin matching the column headers from the drop downs to match with the columns in the imported file.
    • Make note of the required columns marked with a red star
  • Review the validation criteria to confirm that the file passed all requirements
    • File Validations can be seen with Status and Comments
    • For any “Fails”, please revisit your file to make corrections before uploading the file again
  • Select Import
  • Upon selecting Import you should receive a Success screen
  • Please review the record counts
  • If any records were skipped, then you can select the number shown and export a CSV file containing information on the reason for the skipped record

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