User Access Reviews

User Access Reviews

Automate User Access and Entitlement Reviews For Security & Compliance

Still doing User Access/Entitlement Reviews Manually?

User Access Reviews are an important control activity required for internal and external IT security audits. Done monthly or annually manual User Access and Entitlement Reviews can be tedious and cumbersome.

SecurEnds automates User Access reviews, putting CISOs and Security department  in control of users’ entitlements across a today’s hybrid IT system. Continuous access certification also enables continuous control.

SecurEnds securely connects to all cloud and on-prem applications and synchronizes user/roles using connectors or CSV file upload.
Creates consolidated user identity database and automates user access reviews for all employees, contractors, and partners in your organization.
SecurEnds reduces complex development by offering built-in and custom connectors for you to quickly integrate your applications.
Setup and manage recurring campaigns to perform access reviews to always ensure users have the right access.
Management dashboard allows reviewers/managers to perform access reviews for all applications.
Easily manage campaign lifecycle including escalation to managers who have not performed reviews and delegate access reviews to another person in case any manager is unavailable.
Easily update access review changes to applications using built-in connectors to Service Now, Jira, Email, etc.
Provides audit reports and a separate dashboard for auditors for access compliance attestation and certification.
Offered as SaaS on the cloud or on-prem solution.
Still doing User Access/Entitlement Reviews Manually?

SecurEnds Key Features:

Know who has access to what.
Generate cross-application rules for separation of duties that trigger real-time alerts.
Manage enterprise role definitions to easily identify excessive user privileges.
Automate user access rights, Certification with a simple workflow.
Remediation and Compliance Reporting.

Automate User Access And Entitlement Reviews

We enable companies to continuously run review campaigns of the users’ access rights and roles, by assigning the manager to certify, revoke their entitlements. As a result of this there is an increase in positive and accuracy of certifications and making the certification process auditable and compliant.
Compliance and Auditing reporting features deliver identity intelligence and answers the common questions like ‘who has access to this program, and ‘who approved that access?
Addresses Governance and Compliance challenges like Attestation/Certification, Validation and Reporting in one solution.
Enables large enterprises to get in control of users’ entitlements across a vast range of systems, while simultaneously enabling them to Be in control of their own future.
Available on-premise, in the cloud, or as a managed service with built-in connectors for a variety of systems.

Credential Entitlement Management (CEM) for User Access Reviews

SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management (CEM) product addresses user access reviews that grants enforce, revokes and administers fine-grained access entitlements (also referred to as “authorizations,” “privileges,” “access rights,” “permissions” and/or “rules”). Its purpose is to review IT access policies to structured/unstructured data, devices and services from various endpoints including:

Credential Entitlement Management
Active Directory
Windows Shared Folder
Office 365 and Exchange
Network Access
VPN/Remote Access
Google G Drive
AWS/Azure cloud

Know who has access to what without a doubt

Manual User Access Reviews are error prone and known to lead to audit findings on compliance standards such as SOX, HIPAA, FISMA, GLBA and PCI-DSS.

The key problems are:

Using manual efforts to conduct user access reviews (i.e. Excel)
Not being able to have a complete and accurate review
Not having a view of what is pending and by whom
Identifying the right person for the reviews
Not being easy to get user data stored in endpoints like Active directory, Office 365, SharePoint, Windows, AWS, Azure, Google G-suite, SalesForce, SAP etc

These points listed above lead to:

Wasted time
Wasted efforts
Inability to properly control user access

SecurEnds allows you to:

Incorporate all your reviews with one technology source
Ensure you have a complete and accurate listing
Provide a dashboard for what is pending for each reviewer
Send reminder notifications to reviewers
Provide specific reports at the end of each campaign

We offer on-premise and cloud offering of our products. Our products will be configured to provide a solution for your organization.

SecurEnds CEM Fixes the Gap in Your Security Stack.

Automate user access rights with a simple workflow.
Consolidate enterprise-wide user privileges in a central location.
Make your access data more secure to meet compliance regulations.
Track and report unauthorized access attempts.
Generate cross-application rules for separation of duties that trigger real-time alerts.
Manage enterprise role definitions to easily identify excessive user privileges.
Issue proactive alerts to monitor for sensitive privileges, users, or applications.
Accurate Review

Accurate Review

Provides an easy solution with complete and accurate review of user access.

Controlled Securely

Controlled Securely

Ensure your organization is in compliance and user access is controlled securely.

Security Stack

Security Stack

Coordinate and execute user access reviews to fix the gap in your Security stack.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

Reducing manual process saves your organization time and money.

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