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Easily Answer “Who Has Access to What?”

With the increase of remote users and modern technology, critical data is crossing organizational boundaries and security teams are grappling to understand “Who has access to what?” and “What are our security risks?”

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Gain visibility with a single unified view across all applications and platforms – both in the cloud and on-premises – to reduce risk to fortify your security, easily provide proof of compliance, and ultimately reduce audit fatigue

Establish a clean set of user entitlement data to support risk and compliance efforts.
Increase compliance efficiency by streamlining certification processes.
Interactive, identity-centric view across applications and entitlements.
Out-of-the-box application connectors for access reviews.
SaaS-based platform for rapid delivery for quick time-to-value.

Automate access reviews to accelerate accurate access certifications using SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management (CEM)

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    Decrease in risk related to identity and access management


    Excess users removed after the first review campaign


    Increase in productivity and efficiency of UARs


    Reduction in time required to conduct user access reviews


    Decrease in user access review cycle time required


    Reduction in hours needed to perform user access reviews


    Scalability of user access reviews and identity management


    Reduction in audit and labor hours