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Updating the Generic Agent

Uninstalling the Old Generic Agent #
  1. Access the server that the agent was originally installed
  2. Open command prompt as an Admin
  3. Change directory to the “C:\securends” folder
  4. Type “Generic_Agent.exe stop” to stop the service.
  5. Once stopped, type “Generic_Agent.exe uninstall” and hit enter to execute
    • This will uninstall the current GA service
Installing the Updated Generic Agent Files #
  1. Open a file explorer and navigate to the “C:\securends” folder
  2. Open an additional file explorer and navigate to the downloaded “” files
    • File names, dates and versions will vary
  3. Within this folder there will be three files:
    • Generic_Agent.xml
    • Generic_Agent.bat
    • Generic_Agent-v2.NNN.jar
  4. Copy these three files across to the “C:\securends” folder
    • The “Generic_Agent.xml” and “Generic_Agent.bat” files will replace the existing files, and the “Generic_Agent-v2.NNN.jar” will copy over without replacing an existing file
    • Delete the “Generic_agent-v2.NNN.jar” file that exists within the “C:\securends” folder (the most up to date version of the JAR file will be used so this isn’t required but is recommended for housekeeping)
Installing and Running the New Generic Agent #
  1. Navigate back to the command prompt (reopen and run as Admin if required)
  2. From the “C:\securends” directory, type “Generic_Agent.bat” and hit enter to execute
    • This will execute the batch file to update the configuration variables
  3. Once that is complete, type “Generic_Agent.exe install” to install the service
  4. Once that is complete, type “Generic_Agent.exe start” to start the service
  5. Open a Services window and confirm the “Generic Agent” service remains running for 1 – 2 minutes

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