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Updating the Generic Agent

Uninstalling the Old Generic Agent
  1. Access the server that the agent was originally installed
  2. Open command prompt as an Admin
  3. Change directory to the “C:\securends” folder
  4. Type “Generic_Agent.exe stop” to stop the service.
  5. Once stopped, type “Generic_Agent.exe uninstall” and hit enter to execute
    • This will uninstall the current GA service
Installing the Updated Generic Agent Files
  1. Open a file explorer and navigate to the “C:\securends” folder
  2. Open an additional file explorer and navigate to the downloaded “” files
    • File names, dates and versions will vary
  3. Within this folder there will be three files:
    • Generic_Agent.xml
    • Generic_Agent.bat
    • Generic_Agent-v2.NNN.jar
  4. Copy these three files across to the “C:\securends” folder
    • The “Generic_Agent.xml” and “Generic_Agent.bat” files will replace the existing files, and the “Generic_Agent-v2.NNN.jar” will copy over without replacing an existing file
    • Delete the “Generic_agent-v2.NNN.jar” file that exists within the “C:\securends” folder (the most up to date version of the JAR file will be used so this isn’t required but is recommended for housekeeping)
Installing and Running the New Generic Agent
  1. Navigate back to the command prompt (reopen and run as Admin if required)
  2. From the “C:\securends” directory, type “Generic_Agent.bat” and hit enter to execute
    • This will execute the batch file to update the configuration variables
  3. Once that is complete, type “Generic_Agent.exe install” to install the service
  4. Once that is complete, type “Generic_Agent.exe start” to start the service
  5. Open a Services window and confirm the “Generic Agent” service remains running for 1 – 2 minutes

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