Access Request

Identity Security & Compliance with Access Requests


Intuitive Request Submission

Provide users with a modern and user-friendly interface that guides them through the process of submitting access requests for various applications. This interface is designed to minimize confusion and maximize user efficiency, ensuring that even non-technical users can easily request the access they need.

Application Catalog

Maintain an up-to-date and organized catalog of available applications within the organization. By presenting resources in a clear and categorized manner, the module makes the request process more efficient and user-friendly.

Automated Approval Workflows

Accelerate the traditionally time-consuming access approval process by implementing automated workflows. As access requests are submitted, the module intelligently routes them to the appropriate approvers based on preconfigured rules. This automation eliminates bottlenecks, reduces manual intervention, and speeds up access provisioning.

Request, approve, provision and de-provision user access to on-prem or cloud applications for easier user onboarding, off boarding and self-service.

Create Identity Profiles

Pre-build templates allow the creation of attribute-based profiles to streamline the management of identities throughout their lifecycle. SecurEnds ILM will create identity templates across attribute-based workforce (employees, contractors, RPA accounts, service accounts) profiles such title, location, department.

Request Access

Self-service access requests for SSO enabled and non SSO enabled applications.

Pending Requests

Approve or revoke end-user access to requested applications.

Pending Requests

Provision Access

Self-guided creation of roles based on access requirements. In a few clicks, assign application access including permissions within the application.

Life cycle management

Automate user provisioning for lifecycle events such as on-boarding, off-boarding, and transfer. Associate identity profile with role profile for provisioning and deprovisioning.

Life cycle management:


Risk Prevention
Least Privilege
Efficient Workflow
Centralized Control
Audit Trail
User Lifecycle Management



Employee Onboarding

New employees require access to various applications, systems, and resources to perform their job responsibilities. SecurEnds’ Access Request Module ensures that new employees are granted the necessary permissions as part of the onboarding process.

Role Changes & Promotions

When employees change roles or receive promotions, their access requirements often change. SecurEnds’ Access Request Module helps ensure that employees are granted appropriate access based on their new roles.

Temporary Access

Contractors, temporary employees, or external partners may need temporary access to specific resources. SecurEnds’ Access Request Module enables administrators to grant time-limited access while maintaining security controls.

Termination & Offboarding

When an employee leaves the organization, their access must be promptly revoked to prevent unauthorized access. SecurEnds’ Access Request Module facilitates the efficient removal of access privileges during offboarding.

The SecurEnds Access Request Module

is your comprehensive solution to efficient, secure, and compliant access management. Designed with modern organizations in mind, this module empowers you to optimize access workflows, strengthen security, and streamline administrative tasks.

Customizable Rules

Empower administrators to fine-tune access approval criteria by defining rules.

Request Tracking

Intuitive dashboard that enables users to monitor the status of their access requests.

Access Revocation

Grant the capability to efficiently revoke access when it's no longer needed.

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