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Version 2.343 (02/01/2022)


  • Added a new “Assign Reviewer” button to all campaign types. This new button allows an administrator or campaign owner the ability to update the reviewer for any user while the campaign is in either the “Ready” or “Open” status. The “Assign Review” button has replaced the “Update Manager” button for a Manager based campaign.

Flex Connectors

  • Added new functionality for Flex Connectors to populate and show skipped record information. The skipped record functionality mimics the same logic for skipped record logic included for CSV file uploads.


  • Made process improvements to the Jira ticketing integration to allow assignment of tickets on close of a campaign, to either specific users or to a group within the integrated Jira application.


  • Added the ability to set an expiration date to a Delegation. When the date is reached the delegation will be deleted.

CSV Imports

  • Made process improvements to handle larger CSV file imports


  • Made process improvements to Okta connector.
  • Made process improvements to ServiceNow connector.
  • Made process improvements to Active Directory connector.
  • Made process improvements to SuccessFactors connector.
  • Made process improvements to the Slack connector.
  • Made process improvements to the GitHub connector.

Skipped Records

  • Fixed an issue where the First Name column within a skipped record CSV was not displaying correctly.


  • Added a Generic Agent Health Status email configuration under “Default UI Configurations” that can be configured to send an email to the SecurEnds admin when Generic Agent status is down.

Home Page

  • Fixed an issue where all Open Campaigns were not being displayed in the “Latest Campaign” section of the Home Page.

Campaign Exceptions

  • Renamed the “Campaign Restrictions” tab within the left-hand navigation bar to “Campaign Exceptions” to represent functionality more accurately.

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