Identity Governance For Healthcare

Dedicated User Access Review Software For HITRUST / HIPAA Compliance

HITRUST / HIPAA Compliance

Access Governance for Healthcare Provider, Facility or Network

Maintaining compliance with the HITRUST, HIPAA requires healthcare organization to undertake User Access Reviews. Continuous reviews also prevent unauthorized access to Protected Health Information (PHI). SecurEnds easy to implement and feature balanced software allows organizations to proactively monitor and audit access across connected or disconnected health information systems both on-premise or cloud. Our industry first Identity Mindmap gives easy visibility into fine-grained entitlements (roles, credentials and permissions) across interoperable healthcare systems.

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    Why Do I Need It?

    Regularly review healthcare systems to promote awareness of any activity that could suggest a security incident, breach or SOD violation.

    What Are The Benefits?

    Enable proactive risk identification and remediation to ensure audit and regulatory compliance requirements are met


    Why SecurEnds?

    Our feature rich product can be easily deployed on-prem or cloud and can bolt on to your existing single -sign-on (SSO) solution to make a comprehensive end to end identity management solution

    SecurEnds Software allows healthcare providers to build Identity Governance programs on accelerated timelines, higher ROI and without needing long implementation cycles.

    Salient Features:
    • Create single source of truth by connecting to single or multiple HR systems such as ADP etc
    • Easily connect enterprise applications (Epic, Citrix, Oracle etc), files (unstructured data) etc
    • Connect custom applications using database,web-api, script based flex-connectors
    • Match identities with user credentials across healthcare systems using pattern matching fuzzy logic.
    • Set up attribute based access review campaigns for heartbeat accounts and service accounts.
    • Schedule onetime or delta reviews across applications, group of application or attributes.
    • Send reminder emails to reviewers , review and managers.
    • Integrate with service management systems (ServiceNow, Jira etc) to trigger employee termination workflow
    • Generate proof of compliance reports for auditors.
    • Easy to drill down Identity MindMaps to see “who has access to what data”.
    User Access Reviews Using Identity Mindmap