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Step 1: Generic Agent Files

Download the files from the password Encrypted URL which will be provided to you by SecurEnds Implementation Consultant, and place it in the C: drive of the appropriate server/machine.

Rename the folder to “securends

The URL hosts a .zip folder and contains the below files:

  • ssl folder ( has SSL Certificate )
  • Generic_Agent-vx.xx.jar
  • Generic_Agent.bat
  • Generic_Agent.exe
  • Generic_Agent.xml
  • jdk-8u321-windows-x64.exe (optional)
  • npp.7.6.6.Installer.exe (optional)
Step 2: Verify Java Version
  1. Open a command prompt by clicking Windows + R, then type cmd and click enter.
  2. Type in “java –version”

The Java version should be 1.8.

If the server/machine does not have Java installed or Java 1.8, access the link below to download & install java in Windows and check the Java version again to verify.

Note: Make certain you have the administrative privileges required for installation on your system.

Step 3: Configuration

Navigate to the Generic_Agent.bat in the Generic_Agent folder and modify the following parameters”:

  1. Change the below port, If you want run the agent on different port.
  2. Change the below paths if they are different.
    • GENERIC_AGENT_LOG “C:/securends/logs/GenericAgent/genericAgent.log”
    • JAR_FILE_PATH “C:/securends/jar/”
    • GSUITE_PKFILE_PATH “C:/securends/ssl/securendsuar-278414-ea94f99f7ee1.p12”
    • PKS_FILE_PATH “C:/securends/ssl/”
  3. Save the Generic_Agent.bat file.
  4. Open Windows command prompt in Administrator mode.
  5. Navigate to the Generic Agent folder path and select Generic_Agent.bat

5. Click enter to add the environment variables.

Step 4: Installation
  • To install Generic Agent as windows service, Run the below commands.
  • Navigate to the Generic Agent folder path and select Generic_Agent.exe
    • Generic_Agent.exe install (To install service)
    • Generic_Agent.exe start (To start Generic Agent Service )
    • Generic_Agent.exe stop (To stop Generic Agent Service )
    • Generic_Agent.exe uninstall (To uninstall Generic Agent Service)
Step 5: Validate

Check the install generic agent service in Windows Services.

Confirm the generic agent is installed and have “Running” status.

Additional Generic Agent Installs

Multiple Generic Agent installs, click here.

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