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Service Now Ticketing Configuration

Instructions below will walk you through ServiceNow ticketing system integration within SecurEnds.

Minimum Requirement: Have a user created with username and password and ‘itil’ permission selected.

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration

Navigate to Configuration under Administration on the left-hand side menu.

Configuration window will appear. Select Set Up Ticketing System for Access Reviews.

Select a ServiceNow setup option:

  • ServiceNow – Incident
  • ServiceNow – Request
  • ServiceNow – API
Step 2: Configuration Setup

Depending on the ServiceNow setup option selected, there will be different configuration fields.

Notice: Each setup option will require a service account. Be sure to include ‘itil’ permissions on created service account to allow .CSV reports to be attached to the created ticket.

ServiceNow – Incident

Input ServiceNow URL, username, and password at a minimum.

All other fields are optional. Please notify SecurEnds team which optional fields are not used.

ServiceNow – Request

All fields are required.

For catalog.item.sysId, you will have to create a catalog item (if not done so already) to get the value.

ServiceNow – Scripted API

Input ServiceNow fields with an * at a minimum.

Create an APIs to update the configuration fields.

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