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Configuration Requirements #
  • Customer will need to have the SFTP folder available on their side.
  • Customer needs to provide a User ID and Password so SecurEnds can configure the tool.
  • Customer will need to go into the SecurEnds tool and update the SFTP credentials if the customer have a security policy which requires password rotation every X days.
  • Customer will need to maintain a static file name for the file placed in the SFTP folder.
App Creation in SecurEnds Tool #
  • In the Admin Console, go to Applications.
  • Click the Add button next to it to begin configuration.
Setup Application #
  • Select Data Ingestion method as Flex Connector.
  • Enter application Name.
  • Enter the Application Owner email information.
  • Agent is software that needs to be installed on your on premise environment to pull data from applications such as Active Directory, Database and Custom Applications.
    • Select Yes if you have an Agent Software installed
    • Select No if you don’t have any agent software installed
  • Select Match By logic as Default(Email or FirstName and LastName) or Employee Id
    • If we select Default(Email or FirstName and LastName) the system will match the user with Email or First Name and Last Name while syncing
    • If we select Employee Id the system will only match the Employee ID while syncing
  • Select Include Inactive Users to fetch all users while sync
    • If we select Yes all the Active status users along with Disabled status users will be added in the Matched users for AWS.
    • If we select No then only Active user will be added to the Matched users for AWS.
  • Include Entitlements Enabled as Yes to load the entitlements on application while syncing.
Configure Application #
  • Search Connector in Featured Integrations and select SFTP/FTP.
  • Provide the “FTP Host” to login into the domain
    • Example:
  • Provide the “FTP Port
    • Example: 22
  • Provide the “FTP UserName” to login into the domain
    • Example: test-user
  • Provide the “FTP Password
    • Example: Password
  • Provide the “FTP File Location
    • Location Format: /filename.filetype or /inbound/filename.filetype
    • Example: /SCM_SE_01_20190101.txt or /inbound/SCM_SE_01_20190101.txt
  • Select the “Type
  • Select one from the drop down: SFTP/FTP
    Note: Please use the SecurEnds provided SFTP Sample file, the headers should be same as the provided file with case sensitive.
  • If needed, select “Custom Configuration” to manually map the FTP/SFTP file headers to the SecurEnds headers.
Ticketing System Configuration #

For more information on Ticketing System Configuration, Click here.

Click Save once finished to add the connector.

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