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SecurEnds runs access reviews off of Templates. A template is how SecurEnds customizes access reviews. Here you are able to select the types of users to be reviewed (active or inactive) and which applications will be included in the review. Specific roles/credentials/entitlements within an application can also be selected for review (Ex. Only review our Domain Admins for Application XYZ).

Once templates are created, Campaigns can be customized and launched. Campaigns are unique to SecurEnds; they display the scope of the review and how it will be carried out. Campaigns tell which users are included in the access review and allow for approval or revoke of credentials and entitlements.

Notifications of access changes are sent out via email configuration or integrated ticketing systems.

Click here to know more on Ticketing System Configuration.

Note: In order to launch a campaign, data from both the established System of Record and Applications must be present within SecurEnds.

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