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Conducting Access Reviews

  • Select the Campaign you want to perform Access Reviews, go to Access Review > Campaigns
  • Click on View option from Actions gear beside Campaign Name.
  • You can see First Name, Last Name, Email, Total number of Access Reviews that are set to perform and Pending number of Access Reviews needed to perform.
  • If you are the Reviewer, select the row which has your name and Click on View
  • To perform Access Review Click on Review for a user
  • You will be able to see the list of Applications  the user has access to, along with the Credential and Entitlement  description and  Status  of the user in that Application
    • Note: Instructions will appear in green for the reviewer. Instructions can be edited. Navigate to Configuration > Reviewer Notes > Set Up within SecurEnds.
  • Perform the actions Approve and Revoke.
  • Click on Save
  • A pop up appears Elections saved successfully
  • Upon pressing back or completing a series of reviews, a box will pop up showing progress of completion.
  • Click on Ok

Finishing a Review Use Case: The Next button acts as a “next and save”. Upon reaching final user in a review, no Next button will appear. Be sure to Save.

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