Organizations reduce audit preparation time & cost for SOX, SOC, HIPAA etc using our product

SecurEnds quickly provides internal and external auditors with easy to upload CSV files and AI/ML enabled insights to reduce audit preparation time and frustration.

Reduce Audit Time


Many organizations conduct access reviews as internal and external compliance requirements. Unless automated, access reviews and attestation are an onerous task. Reviewers have to manually solicit access information, consolidate reports and run an audit. With IT sprawl extending to thousands of users and between on-premise and cloud applications, the manual process becomes a compliance risk in itself.

Our Approach

SecurEnds enables automated access control, reporting and audit for SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, SOC1/2, PCI, etc by either securely uploading CSV files or connecting with legacy and 100+ COTS applications. The AI / ML-driven dashboard allows for automated identity discovery. Intuitive dashboards are designed to help nontechnical approvers quickly and easily complete the periodic user access review process, providing visibility into all users and access for both cloud and on-premise. CEM allows the elimination of paper-based audit trails. Automatically notify approvers of new reports, and ensure the date and approval are tracked with electronic signoff.


Delivers >

Reduction in time to complete access / entitlement reviews

Improvement in detecting identity outlier using machine learning / artificial intelligence

Reduction in Cost Of Compliance

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