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SecurEnds’ cloud ready , feature balanced platform can help you save up to 60% in Total Cost of Ownership on Identity Governance.

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In a 30 minutes demo you will see how  SecurEnds can be used for User Access Reviews and Access Certification

    SecurEnds Features

    File Based Upload

    In addition to connectors, files can be upload from HR and applications to create a central identity repository. This allows rapid time to value while onboarding application connectors.

    Value Based Pricing

    SecurEnds offers value based a la carte style pricing. You only pay for what you need.

    Leading Third Party Implementors

    SecurEnds partners with leading implementors such as PWC, Alchemy, IDMWorks to offers a full menu of services, customized to clients project, addressing risk mitigation, time to value, and return on investment. You can count on us as your implementation partner, from beginning to end.

    All It Took Was A 30 Minute Demo
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