Cloud Identity and Access Management

Cloud Identity and Access Management

SecurEnds IAM product enables Identity Access and Lifecycle Management.

Cloud Identity Manager and Governance

SecurEnds’ Cloud IAM product enables Identity Access and Lifecycle Management for Provisioning and De-Provisioning of user access in AWS, Azure and GCP cloud platforms. The product manages Cloud Governance to meet security and audit compliance. It manages Cloud user permissions for employees, partners, customers and access approval management.

Identity Governance enforces the access life cycle management process directly from granting access and periodically reviewing access privileges. Additionally, it works to revoke access privileges when a user is terminated. The process enables a centralized system where you have the ability to manage the workflow of user access privileges and entitlements, all in a single place for internal governance, auditing and for an external audit to review the user access controls.


SecurEnds’ pre-built integration with AWS, Azure and GCP cloud platforms allows self-service access request to create users with approval workflow and governance. SecurEnds unifies HR and IT, using employee data and updating into cloud platforms to inform the user lifecycle.


Digital Transformation and Cloud Adoption

With the increased adoption of cloud services and constant need to keep pace with innovation and the requirement for every organization to develop applications, IT is facing some new and complex problems. IT teams today are constantly striving to improve productivity and security for both their own internal processes as well as for end-users, who are, essentially, their customers. Any IT manager whose organization is looking to modernize is challenged with onboarding new employees, managing the many different identities lifecycles, and overseeing a cumbersome offboarding process that can entail some major security risks.We offer on-premise and cloud offering of our products. Our products will be configured to provide a customized solution for your organization.

Identity Access Management & Employee On-Boarding

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