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Customer Story: Regional Bank Rapidly Scales User Access Reviews 4X with SecurEnds Automation

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Customer Story: Regional Bank Rapidly Scales User Access Reviews 4X with SecurEnds Automation


A fast-growing regional bank serving multiple areas of North America, this organization’s rapid expansion led to a sharp increase in applications used by their staff (300%), which quickly made manual identity and access management processes impossible.


Manual application reviews were far too time-consuming, especially in light of new regulations and audit requirements. This banking client wanted to scale and automate their access certifications in order to eliminate human error, reduce vulnerabilities, and stay compliant at all times. Automation would also provide the opportunity to free up employee resources by conducting thorough auditing at a faster rate.


SecurEnds provided the client’s internal audit team with a dependable and scalable solution for conducting user access reviews efficiently. Their team now has centralized visibility into access data, giving them greater confidence in data quality and reporting in the face of constantly changing regulations.

Enabling this bank to automate their access certifications has reduced audit and labor hours associated with user access reviews. SecurEnds User Reporting enabled the bank to easily de-provision users as well as more effectively administer license management.



SecurEnds’ holistic governance platform enables organizations like yours to gain security and compliance visibility with a single unified view across all applications and platforms – both in the cloud and on premises – to fortify security posture, easily provide proof of compliance, and ultimately reduce audit fatigue. As critical data crosses organizational boundaries, SecurEnds gives you answers to “Who has access to what?” and “What are our security risks?”

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