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Customer Story: FinTech Company Accelerates User Access Reviews by 75% with SecurEnds Identity MindMap

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Customer Story: FinTech Company Accelerates User Access Reviews by 75% with SecurEnds Identity MindMap


The organization provides market-leading technology that simplifies and unifies healthcare payments. Much like their business goals, they wanted to streamline user access reviews to better secure their organization and more easily adhere to regulations.


The client initially conducted user access reviews using Excel spreadsheets, emails, and other traditional methods. However, with around 55 reviews performed per quarter and over 500 managers responsible for reviews, this process became extremely cumbersome. Their IT team wanted to implement a tool that would increase efficiency in their security and compliance functions in order to free up considerable time.


With SecurEnds, the client transformed their manual access review process into an automated system where identity management is centralized. Using Identity MindMap, their team is now able to clearly view who in their organization has access to what applications. This enables them to run campaigns, ensure permissions are granted and revoked properly, and stay compliant with a multitude of regulations at a fraction of the time and effort typically required.

SecurEnds empowers the client to safeguard sensitive patient financial data against breaches while reducing human error and optimizing their overall user access review process.



SecurEnds’ holistic governance platform enables organizations like yours to gain security and compliance visibility with a single unified view across all applications and platforms – both in the cloud and on premises – to fortify security posture, easily provide proof of compliance, and ultimately reduce audit fatigue. As critical data crosses organizational boundaries, SecurEnds gives you answers to “Who has access to what?” and “What are our security risks?”

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