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Customer Story: Telecom Leader Reduces User Access Review Time by 67% with SecurEnds

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Customer Story: Telecom Leader Reduces User Access Review Time by 67% with SecurEnds


The client is an international telecommunications company mainly serving mid-size businesses. Before adopting SecurEnds, they were conducting user access reviews manually using spreadsheets which slowed their process down heavily. 


Initially, the client was not using any automation tools to conduct user access reviews, which created significant manual upload work and spreadsheet reporting that bogged down their team. Accuracy and time were major factors as their existing process made it extremely difficult to make sure their user access reviews were compliant and ready at the end of each quarter. They looked to explore an automated solution. 


After adopting SecurEnds Credential Entitlement Management platform, the client is now able to implement automated processes for any type of user access review and ensure that revokes are consistent. They went from a 15-week cycle time to 5 weeks, in addition to taking their revoke percentage from 16% to 4% over the last 6 cycles. 

The client uses SecurEnds to collect application access information, complete fully compliant quarterly access reviews ,and ensure the right application access is applied to the correct individuals across their organization. 



SecurEnds’ holistic governance platform enables organizations like yours to gain security and compliance visibility with a single unified view across all applications and platforms – both in the cloud and on premises – to fortify security posture, easily provide proof of compliance, and ultimately reduce audit fatigue. As critical data crosses organizational boundaries, SecurEnds gives you answers to “Who has access to what?” and “What are our security risks?” 

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