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Welcome to the Board: Subba Ayyagari

Welcome to the Board: Subba Ayyagari

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Welcome to the Board: Subba Ayyagari

Atlanta, GA – February 24, 2022 – SecurEnds Inc, We’re pleased to announce that Subba Ayyagari joins Jeremiah Daly, Christopher De Souza, and Tippu Gagguturu on the SecurEnds Board of Directors. As Chief Technology Officer with Black Knight, Subba brings extensive leadership and strategic experience to the table.

Ayyagari is a visionary thought leader and entrepreneur in the “business of technology” with 20+ years of diverse experience offering business breadth and technology depth in enterprise FinTech space with Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for B2B and B2C. Ayyagari has a successful track record of developing and executing enterprise strategies and leading cross-functional teams on new business innovation and digital transformation.

Subba shares that he is “excited about entrepreneurship, technology-driven value creation, and growth. With SecurEnds, you get all that and more with its SaaS-based business model in the hot and happening space of security, compliance, and audits.” In business, he is “inspired by Elon Musk for dreaming big and having a bold vision, and his commitment and relentless pursuit to making those dreams come true.”

“As a growing SaaS startup, we’re excited to welcome Subba Ayyagari to the Board,” said Tippu Gagguturu chief executive officer of SecurEnds. “Subba’s deep experience in technology and SaaS will be invaluable to SecurEnds as we grow and pursue our mission to help businesses reduce risk and meet compliance standards.”

SecurEnds is growing rapidly—far exceeding projections to double revenue in 2021. Additionally, we now employ over 100 full-time team members across the U.S. and abroad with a new Atlanta office opening in March 2022.

About SecurEnds

SecurEnds helps companies of all sizes automate user access reviews (UAR) across cloud and on-prem applications to meet SOX, ISO27001, PCI, HIPAA, HITRUST, FFEIC, GDPR, and CCPA audit requirements. Utilizing fuzzy logic to pull data from systems of record (SOR), complimentary identity governance and administration (IGA) solutions, and SaaS-based, custom, and legacy downstream applications, SecurEnds provides a streamlined process for access reviews and certifications.