Extend Existing IAM to IGA

Organizations reduce IT complexity and extend their existing IAM investment using our product

SecurEnds bolt-on to existing IAM solutions to provide user entitlement reviews, access certification, and attestation.

Extend IAM to IGA


Organizations end up increasing IT complexity by buying products with overlapping features. Many organizations utilize IAM products. Okta leads the pack and offers secure identity tools to safely authorize access, including Access Management, User Authentication, Single Sign-On, MFA and Password Reset. However, an organization looking for user entitlement reviews, access certification, and attestation have to buy an additional IGA product. Unlike SecurEnds which offers optionality, other IGA products have either feature overlap with Okta or with additional expenses.

Our Approach

One of the guiding principles of SecurEnds is to reduce the cost of IGA solutions. Give customers what they want. CEM module, which can bolt-on to Okta or other similar IAM solutions, enables organizations to continuously run review campaigns of the users’ access rights and roles without having to buy overlapping features such as Access Provisioning/De-Provisioning.


Delivers >

Reduction in time to complete access / entitlement reviews

Improvement in detecting identity outlier using machine learning / artificial intelligence

Reduction in Cost Of Compliance

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