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SecurEnds leads other vendors by adopting AI and machine learning to simplify the analytical workflow taking you from data to insight to action in minutes.

Fulfill Compliance


The healthcare industry continues to grapple with safeguarding electronically protected health information (ePHI) of patients. On Nov 7, 2019, the Office of Civil Rights(OCR) imposed a $1.6 Million penalty against the Texas Health and Human Service for HIPAA violation. OCR’s investigation determined that failure to conduct an enterprise-wide risk analysis, and implement access and audit controls were at the heart of the issue.* Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident. The fines are on a rise – $28.6 Million in 2018 and $19.3 Million in 2017.

Our Approach

At SecurEnds, we believe that coveted entities under HIPAA must conduct an ongoing assessment to know who has access to what resources and whether that access is appropriate. SecurEnds products once configured as a single unit or as a bolt-on to existing Identity Access Management (IAM) solution will create powerful governance and provisioning/ de-provisioning tool across clinical, financial and back-office applications. The CEM module will allow recurring automated access review campaigns that validate users within systems and ensure their access rights are appropriate while the ILM module will drive the management of dormant and orphan accounts. IRA module applies AI and ML to detect anomalies and user group outliers for faster remediation.


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Reduction in time to complete access / entitlement reviews


Improvement in detecting identity outlier using machine learning / artificial intelligence


Reduction in Cost Of Compliance

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