Credential Entitlement Management

SecurEnds Solution to Automating User Access Reviews

Do you do user access reviews manually?

SecurEnds enables you to have complete control over user access

Our software meets access control compliance for SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, SOC1/2, PCI, and more.


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30 Days

A Fortune 500 with 4700 employees was able to achieve its audit target across 100+ on-prem and cloud applications in 30 days.

Use Credential Entitlement Management (CEM) in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Connect Applications

Manage identities from connected and disconnected applications across the IT landscape. CEM matches identities to the system of record using CSV uploads, pre-built connectors, flex connectors, or Service Desk integration. CEM integrates with your ITSM system (eg., ServiceNow, JIRA) to update the changes.

Connect Applications
Discover Identities

Step 2: Discover Identities

Centralize access controls and consolidate identity repositories. Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Discovery Module enables auto-discovery of identities, including orphaned and unauthorized accounts.

Step 3: Intelligent Campaigns

Schedule automated access review campaigns by multiple dimensions (e.g., role). Utilize intelligent reminders to drive action from end-users, approvers, and skip level approvers. View changes since the last review through “Delta Campaign” functionality.

Intelligent Campaigns
Reports & Insights

Step 4: Reports & Insights

Our AI/ML module presents a simplified analytics workflow for outliers based on their risk profiles and excessive privileges. Drill down by campaigns, applications, and periods.

Customer Success Story



Each year SITA’s Internal Audit department reviews multiple applications worldwide in accordance with ISO27001 standards and their internal controls. A large focus of this review is validating User Access Control, including credentials and entitlements. Auditors undertake a manual process to review 4700 employees with their managers and then work with Security Teams and Help Desks to modify access. The process is then required to be repeated every three months.


The CEM solution from SecurEnds has provided our company with a solution that enables us to pass internal and external audits for access control. We don’t have to use spreadsheets, emails and many hours of manual review to complete our credential and entitlement reviews. Plus, we reduce our risk exposure by deleting unused accounts every quarter.

Steve Mosley – Security & Compliance, SITA.

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