Annual Support Subscription

Annual Support Subscription

Annual Support Subscription provides you with a dedicated Technical Customer Success Consultant (TCSC) who will serve as your product Subject Matter Expert (SME) throughout the Term of the Agreement. This consultant will work with you to help onboard new applications, support cleaning up application data, support & advice on data transformations, help match identities, and set up campaigns. The Support Subscription ensures and enables the Customer with successful adoption of the product and helps leveraging the product to its full potential for an enhanced user experience and effective User Access Review (UAR) program. However, the primary responsibility of SecurEnds product management and administration is with the Customer’s UAR team.

Our Annual Support offering includes:

Execute the initial Statement of Work (SOW) for a smooth start of User Access Review (UAR) process.
Collaborate with the Customer to define the scope and requirements of the UAR process including selecting applications for subsequent phases. Outside of phase 1, the customer can onboard the number of licensed applications using available ingestion methods (API connectors, DB connectors, SFTP connectors, etc.).
Clean up data for manual ingestion to ensure data accuracy and completeness.
Provide quarterly admin user training for staying up to date with new features.
Assist in configuring campaign templates to meet specific UAR goals and requirements.
Assist with data transformation and data ingestion for CSV application ensuring accuracy and completeness of data
Assist in the review of campaigns to verify that necessary data is accurate and available before launching the UAR campaign.
Offer ongoing technical support during the campaign periods.
Analyze UAR campaigns to identify improvement areas and offer recommendations for future campaigns.
Assist in implementing changes to the UAR process identified in post-campaign reviews
Provide training to the Customer's internal team for independently managing the UAR process.
Setup on-going meetings (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly). The TCSC will answer any questions and review the health of applications and data. Discuss in details how to better utilize the SecurEnds solution, including best practices.

The role and responsibility of the Customer in the User Access Review (UAR) process will vary but typically include:

Providing access to the necessary applications and data sources to SecurEnds so they can assist with UAR's
Ensuring that data is cleansed and available for ingestion in order for SecurEnds to assist.
Providing the necessary resources, including personnel and technology, to support the UAR process, as agreed upon in the initial Statement of Work (SOW) and for on-going support.
The Customer project manager will act as the single point of contact with the SE implementation consultant when requesting meetings, data and/or access to application teams.
The Customer is responsible for providing necessary evidence to auditors with respect to the effectiveness of the user access reviews during the audit evaluation process.
Dedicated SecurEnds product admin will be made available throughout the contract term.
Technical Customer Success Consultant (TCSC) will make reasonable attempts to conduct check-ins with the Customer. Customer should notify SecurEnds at least two (2) weeks prior with any support requirements.

The following are not included:

SecurEnds product modifications including customizing standard reports, on-line screen etc.
Development of custom code.
Third-party product installation, installation of third-party product interfaces or interfaces to Customer systems and applications.
Supporting Customers outside of the SecurEnds process.
Organizational change control process, and corporate communications
Providing any legal or audit-related advice.

Any additions, modifications or changes to the activities explicitly stated herein are outside the scope of this support and shall be handled via a separate agreement or a mutually agreed upon and executed Change Request.