ADP Integration For Identity Lifecycle Management

ADP Integration For Identity Lifecycle Management


ADP is a leading provider of Human Resources Management System [HRMS]. It is an intuitive SaaS product that allows companies to manage essential employee information.


ADP is a system of record used to create new accounts, provision applications, and deactivate accounts. In absence of a tightly coupled integration between HR and IT, it is time consuming to accomplish provisioning and de-provisioning. Providing new hires with a great onboarding experience makes a positive impression that sets the tone for the days ahead. Multiple studies suggest that many new hires decide whether to stay or leave a company in the first few months. However, multiple organizations continue to struggle with employee onboarding. These organizations continue to use manual processes. Manually setting up users involves tedious administrative tasks, which need to be repeated for every new employee. It takes time to get the right access to the right apps and resources.

Manual process presents another issue as employees move within the organization or transition out.Unless organization has a robust process to manage entitlements, an employee upon transfer will gain additional privileges. Industries with high turnover such as healthcare, hospitality, and retail have prevalence of orphaned accounts.These accounts provide additional threat surfaces that eventually become sources of breaches. The risk magnifies when when the workforce comprises of contractors, vendors and seasonal employees.


SecurEnds is helping organizations across the globe improve end user experience and reduce risk. SecurEnds connects with Workday to orchestrate user management, role management, access policy management, approval workflow, and fulfillment into downstream applications via connector or ticketing system. This integration allows to sync the employee lifecycle events(join/hire, move/transfer, leave/terminate) with system provisioning and de-provisioning. SecurEnds can even connect with legacy or non-standard applications that need special data extraction techniques.

SecurEnds benefits:

1. Integration with HRMS: Integrate with existing HR systems to serve as the master record and single source of truth
2. Inceased end user satisfaction:
3. Increased Security: Automated revocation of access to applications based on attribute and role changes at every stage of the employee lifecycle.
4. Support Employee Moves: Provision / de-provision access across the applications based on employee movement across groups etc
5. Seamless Provisioning: Create access to applications and services based changes in HRMS.
6. Employee Productivity: Ability to request access across connected and non-standard applications.
7. Efficiency: Centralize user access across all applications
8. Workflow: Automate fulfillment management through integration with Jira and ServiceNow

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