AD CleanUp For Identity Management

AD CleanUp For Identity Management


Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) have become the primary strategy for organizations to gain competitiveness and market share. Post-merger or acquisition, companies have two of everything.The months following a merger or acquisition can be a time of uncertainty and security risk. When companies merge with or acquire another firm, a series of IT decisions need to be made incrementally in order to achieve the goals. Once of the first thing is created a consolidated Identity vision which starts with AD consolidation and clean up. Consolidation of AD forests and domains is the single most challenging project of any reorg or M&A


If your company is preparing for merger or acquisition SecurEnds can help you with Identity Management and AD Cleanup. Using SecurEnds, you can certify current users before AD integration. SecurEnds with its leading AI/ML allows you to do a rapid discovery of identities within Active Directory. This will ensure that there are no over-provisioned accounts or orphaned accounts before the directory sync.


It’s official, SecurEnds raises $21M Series A! For more details, check out our Press Release and a message from our CEO.