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SecurEnds enables companies to automate:

  • User Access Reviews
  • Entitlement Audits
  • Privileged Access Reviews
  • Identity Analytics
  • Audit Reporting
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Third-Party Vendor Risk Management
  • Cloud Security & Compliance

Discover an automated alternative for
user access reviews

SecurEnds' holistic identity and infrastructure governance platform provides organizations with a single unified view across platforms, including cloud and on-premises. Our solutions reduce audit fatigue and security risk so organizations can document their answers to the critical questions of "who has access to what?" and "what is our security risk?"

Discover Identities

?Establish a clean set of user entitlement data to support risk and compliance efforts.
?Increase compliance efficiency by streamlining certification.
?Automate data and controls ingestion and approval workflows.
?Interactive, identity-centric view across IT risks, applications, and entitlements.
?Out-of-the-box application support and IT controls.
?SaaS-based platform for rapid delivery for quick time-to-value.

Hear from our customers

SecurEnds currently empowers more than 100 of the world s most forward-thinking companies to fully automate user access reviews, entitlement audits, and access certification.

"Identity Access Management & Entitlement Reviews made easy! Compared to other enterprise solutions available in the market that has too many features that are rarely used but come with the hefty price tag this one is pretty good in what is provides at the cost and does the job!"
Nitin M., Product Management & Strategy, Financial Services (10,001+ employees)

"We are finally able to meet our Internal Audit and External Audit objectives for conducting Credential and Entitlement reviews."
Steve M., Sr. Mgr Security & Compliance, Airlines/Aviation (1001-5000 employees)

"We were able to clearly define and manage Employee Onboarding, Lateral move, and offboarding. The tool can provide a lot of value for companies of reasonable size and pay for itself in months. "
Sreeram R., CTO, Information Technology and Services (11-50 employees)

"The SecurEnds team provided us with outstanding support. Once implemented we immediately found we were overspending for some privileges and reclaimed seats that slipped through the cracks. Can't imagine how companies much bigger than ours manage access control without a tool like this."
Mike B., COO, Information Technology and Services (11-50 employees)

"This software makes my job so much easier. We currently use a manual process to gather data and turn it into our access reviews for various systems. This software will cut my time by more than half. We like that it will hook into our various systems, even our ticketing system to document and track changes. This is a huge win for us and will allow MACU to cast our nets even wider to audit more roles and provide better data for our security team as well as the NCUA auditors. Very easy to use and setup."
Dave G., Security Engineer, Financial Services (1001-5000 employees)

"SecurEnds has been a great tool to help me with my annual audits. I used to have to do everything manually with Excel spreadsheets and emails. Now I can upload all my data, create a campaign and send everything out with the click of a button. This has saved me countless hours and I love how SecurEnds continues to streamline processes and make things even easier for its users."

Customer Story: Telecom Leader Reduces User Access Review Time by 67%

Customer Story: Regional Bank Rapidly Scales User Access Reviews 4X with SecurEnds Automation

Customer Story: FinTech Company Accelerates User Access Reviews by 75% with SecurEnds Identity MindMap

Ready to answer the critical questions of "who has access to what?" and "what is our security risk?"