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Still Performing User Access/Entitlements Reviews Manually?

Need help with User Access/Entitlement reviews? SecurEnds has a solution.

User Access and Entitlement reviews for Access Certification audits are tedious and cumbersome. However, User Entitlement Reviews are an important control activity required for internal and external IT security audits.

You need to ask key questions regarding your organization’s identity governance and access control.

  • Do you know who has access to what information in your company?
  • Can you certify user access controls and easily manage compliance reports for audit while you’re supporting the audit process?Can you review the access privileges for employees/contractors/partners when they change roles or leave the company?
  • Can you protect users to have excess privileges to have access to sensitive data?

Ensuring compliance is a demanding task for many organizations. Find out how SecurEnds can help you automate the process.

  • Automate user access and entitlement reviews with a simple workflow for Access Certification.
  • ​Consolidate enterprise-wide user privileges in a central location for Access Audits.
  • ​Make your access data more secure to meet compliance regulations.
  • ​Track and report unauthorized access attempts.
  • ​Generate cross-application rules for separation of duties that trigger real-time alerts.
  • ​Manage enterprise role definitions to easily identify excessive user privileges.
  • ​Issue proactive alerts to monitor for sensitive privileges, users, or applications.

SecurEnds CEM product automates User Entitlement reviews allowing you to get in control of users’ entitlements across a wide range of systems and at the same time enable them to stay in control for access certification. Click the link below to schedule a demo.


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