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AI platform for Identity Governance and Access Control

Data is the new oil. Companies need to protect customer data, intellectual property, financial data, confidential data from breaches and unauthorized access. As data can be accessed by people, process, and technology, companies need a multi-pronged approach to protect data. A fundamental step is to adopt a robust governance framework around identity access & management. It should be all-encompassing across various assets of the company: cloud apps, on-prem apps, databases and lines of business applications.


Companies build many security measures to protect systems, but the key part of protecting data is to create proper identity access management and access control measures.


Identity access management products manage access provision and de-provision for systems and application. However, these products must ensure access is provided to the right people and the right applications. The identity access management framework is to ensure the access provision and de-provision are defined with approval workflow. Also, need to track who has approved and provided access for audit and security compliance. Access control ensures tracking of access request approval and access right reviews to ensure identity governance and audits for compliance.


User Access and Entitlement Reviews are done to ensure the user entitlements are up to date and no orphaned users or no excessive privileged users are present. The main challenge with User access and entitlement reviews process is to ensure continuous review of user access rights and entitlements. The access reviews are very complicated, manual and tedious work to identify users, entitlements, and managers to review on a continuous basis.


You need to ask a few questions. Can we create an automated solution for Identity Governance using advanced AI platforms? Can we reduce the security risk by continuously monitoring the access rights and privileges in real-time?


AI platforms can be used to determine and assign appropriate access privileges to employees and contractors based on the attributes of user behavior, access level, environment, and data. The platform can be matured over time, based on the attributes and data.


It will provide the right access, and improve the decision making for user access reviews. It would also eliminate the tedious manual process of identity governance, protects the organization with appropriate security access.



About SecurEnds

SecurEnds helps in reducing security risk and costs, by automating identity governance & access control. SecurEnds is an information security company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. We help businesses in reducing security risk and costs, by automating identity governance & access control. We offer a growing portfolio of security products including identity access management, identity provisioning/de-provisioning, employee boarding/off-boarding, identity governance, user access/entitlement reviews, security compliance, and audits. We focus on securing identities in an organization to protect potential breaches, internal security threats, and meet security compliance and audits. SecurEnds founders have extensive experience in information security and technology, creating complex technology platforms and solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

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